Thoughts on copyrights

So last class in diva 200 we talked a little bit about copyrights and how we felt about ownership.  Personally I think that creative commons and shareware is the best way to promote growth and better ideas than  slapping a name on something and insisting that the idea belongs to that person and no one else can borrow from it.  When you think about it, nothing is really original and everything is influenced by other something else. Many people independently come up with the same ideas anyway, probably because they’ve been influence by similar ideas.

Where I have a problem with people using other people’s work and ideas is when they use it for profit without making it their own.  I think that if you are using someone’s work and it is almost the same as it was originally, the first party should get some credit and a percentage of the profits. All and all  I think current copyrights are kind of outdated and not enough people know about shareware and creative commons, but hey, I’m a dirty socialist. 😉

And for the picture of the day, some victims of the decapitator; a graffiti artist/culture jammer that’s attacking London.  Here is a link for more info :

Decapitator coupleClick the picture for a link to his/her flickr page.


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