So.. New ideas for Panorama

Alright, My last panorama was ok, but my camera sucked and it defiantly wasn’t long enough for the assignment, so I have two new ideas to try out when me and Gen do our photo shoot  tomorrow:

Idea #1

Play with the fog and photograph a couple people at varying distances from the camera. I’m wondering how many people I would need to pull this off or if it would be simple enough to just use one person and clone them since I’m not uber confident in my photo shop abilities.  I’m thinking that the people ( or person) would all wear the same colour (black or red).

Something with a similar feel to Antony Gromley’s ‘Another Place’ :Another PlaceSome info about the sculptures here:

Idea #2

Dress up all skidly  and take a long (as opposed to a wide) picture of save on meats. This photo maybe easy to put together but the area of town isn’t that great so we might have to find a body guard so that Gen’s nice digital doesn’t get snatched.

saveonmeats1I stole the photo off of JakeinVan’s photostream.

So, which idea do you like best? I’d love some feedback!


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