Clone Project

So today we presented our clone projects in my photography and writing course. I scrambled everything together yesterday and this morning but I think everything turned out pretty good; I’m definitely getting better at photoshop. I wish I had a good picture of the printed off work with the pig heart but I don’t have a decent documentation camera. Sandra took a good picture of the work so maybe I can bum it off of her and then post it.

Wah la.

The Harvest

and no, that is not my vagina.

Edit: I did not take the photos, my lovely friend Gen did. I just photoshopped them. Go see more of her awesome photography skillz here :


4 thoughts on “Clone Project

  1. Your clone project looks incredible. I don’t know what other people came up with for your photography class but I am sure your work is one of the best ones.
    I hope your friend loved the panorama picture you did for her.

  2. Thank you! I think I might continue on with this concept/piece for my last project for my photo class and blow it up much bigger.
    And gen does love her panorama clone picture, I gave her a print for her birthday. 🙂

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