Vinyl die cut change up + Map project ideas

So yesterday I learned that next week the little homeless houses will be gone, unfortunately that means that I can’t stick my vinyl die cut on the front of one of them.. Fortunately I have done a little quick brainstorming and have come up with an idea for a new vinyl die cut and an idea for my google map project.

My new vinyl die cut is going to the sentence “you are loved.” in large letters on a big white wall in the cafe at Emily Carr. I figured that perhaps with Val’s day coming up I should promote something a bit more positive, and it can serve as decoration for the val day cabaret that I’m helping out with (I’ll be in the kissing booth, haha!)

My google maps idea is to do urban interventions around Vancouver and then map them out on document them using google maps. My vinyl die cut will be one of my urban interventions but I will also do others (hopefully a decent amount) in a variety of forms and I might do some of the assignments from learning to love you more.

Another interesting idea for mapping here.


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