oral fixation

lips, gums, teeth, tongue,
such is my oral fixation

Teeth click,
desire sinking into flesh
to nibble on thoughts
They hide coy beneath the lips
baring themselves on occasion

thick changeable lips
wrap themselves around words and cigarettes
nervously wet by the tongue
stretch into well-meaning smiles

the tongue lashes and licks,
the ever touching, every tasting, ever mocking
caretaker of the mouth
it caresses the gums
teasing the sharp, the broken

I want to chew on your brain,
mull it over in my mouth,
ideas catching on the tip of my tongue
swallow and digest

resist teeth biting tongue
and the words spill out
dripping down my chin

youtube reading after the jump


2 thoughts on “oral fixation

  1. Good day from Toronto,

    I would like you to know that I have used you poem ORAL FIXATION for a photograph serie I took and should be showing (with proper credits) at the AURAL FIXATION show on November 19, 2010 in Toronto.

    I would not go ahead without your permission, and I am letting you know that there is no money made from the presentation, just exposure (no pun intended)

    I hope I will hear from you soon. And I also say great work! You are an inspiration to many!


    • Hi Martine,

      Of course you can use my poem for your photo series; you’ll have to send me some pictures of how everything turns out! 🙂


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