Muse Poem


I am the girl who has done little wrong
(unless you count the hearts).
I perch in the most impossible of places;
on pedestals and laps,
my mouth full of sweet detachment,
brushing against cheeks and cocks,
tender for today

My limbs cause jealousy
the gap between my thighs
is carefully observed
the graceful flop
as I twirl and fall into the sunset

I am the empty void,
a husk of dreams and expectations
my cheeks are paint splattered
my fingers smudged
but I cannot create
cannot touch the brush

I am bursting with war-winks,
The alphabet is tattooed on my toes
and I dance the words

I want nothing more than everything


5 thoughts on “Muse Poem

  1. Hello,

    I have no idea how I ended up on your website, but I must say I am amused by your poetry.

    He must be a lucky man to get all of this written about him!

    Keep writing I like your style.

    • Oh I thought you were writing about a person, I must not have understood your poems as you meant them to be understood.
      I was paying your work a complement.

      I have a question, are you calling it “bad poetry” as a name for your writings or you are describing your work as bad ?

  2. Well thank you then. They aren’t about a specific man, I found it interesting that you thought they were. I call them “bad poetry” partly because I think all my writings are terrible and partly because poetry is subjective and I am trying to be ironic.

    • I don’t know why but I got that feeling that they were about a person. I like the irony in the name, and thanks for writing them I really enjoyed reading, not many writers out their spark my intreats to finish reading their poems but with your poems I felt the need for more.
      Keep up the good work.

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