Damages Poem


What did I expect.
Playing with tangled-
mass of corroded wire.

Remember peacock feather earrings,
skin secrets,
wrestling till it hurt;
protectively naive.

Poor choices can
leave one in fetal position,
an endless bath cycle
clutching ceramic comfort;

Scraped out with a silver spoon,
sanded packed in limbs.
Now disintegrate into salt film
tinged jade.

Dissolve into virtual sex crimes,
float amongst 1s and 0s.
Paint on thicker skin,
reconstruct the hymen amide
muddled mindfuck.
Become wise, impenetrable,
pickled and rusted.

I am your shame,
hardened salt woman.
A bitter taste
spit me out
spat me out

My fingers are orange
and it doesn’t hurt.
I expect nothing.


5 thoughts on “Damages Poem

  1. Its so hard to live in a world where egocentric people roll,
    The point of comprehension is lower than my most primitive thought crawling.
    try to understand, reach, but you fail
    with your own actions, no responsibility is taken as you can not control,
    try to make sense of it all, but to your best reaches nothing at all,
    egocentric, Frustrated, and desperate for a close, you make up a lie and live with it free of all,
    a Prince, a King, an Emperor I dismiss; live with a lie I care no more,
    the story begins:
    For their once came great mind, yet the timing, people, and life were ignorant than ever before,
    What I see is not what I call, I see and remember what you don’t think I know,
    yet its a waste of time for me to recall anything you did, as you no longer matter at all,
    The story ends with me on dying bed muddling the words:
    I knew more than anyone had ever known, I am a mystery for the ages of the new world to think and say “hey where have this god gone”.
    The world deserve not to see me shine, since the book of greatness is me between the lines.

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