Camera/whore //// July 14th 2012



Camera/whore has returned. The one night photoparty is back with a second round of 9 conceptual photobooths. You are recorded as you move through the installations.

Camera/whore is a one night art event that provides attendees with digital media of themselves, after the event, for free online.

With a wide variety of installations, we have professional photography, video, net art, GIFs, pinhole cameras, webcams, green screens, etc. All media will be posted online.


➤Anthony Antonellis

3D Porn HD with Retina Display

➤Steven Audia

Disorientation Booth


Image Reconstruction with Icons Facebook

➤Sylvana Dangelo

Pinhole Forest

➤Angela Fama

Mirror Face

➤Keren MD

35mm GIF Booth

➤Psychic Pornography + Friends and War

The People + The Booth: Demented Hot or Not

➤Evann Siebens



With the best 12 photos for the 2013 Cariboo Calendar


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