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What sets camera/whore apart from the typical art show you’d see in Vancouver is absolute audience involvement, an element that its creators want to bring to their shows. Matt Troy and Erica Lapadat-Janzen, Emily Carr students heavily influenced by social media and the effects of the internet, have brought together a group of photographers and visual artists to take part in camera/whore, a dynamic—and at times racy—new approach to art in the city.

Camera/whore, according to its creators, is a way of connecting both the artist and the viewer, while introducing this new digital art form. As for the name? The concept comes from internet slang, that the pair calls “net culture,” and stems from personalized webcams and the images that came from them, while the slash is meant to present the two words as both connected, yet deliberately separate.

“This is the logical next step, where art shows should…

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