Glitch Poster Gurl

” A glitch is a short-lived fault in a system.”

A glitch in the macbook air display settings allowed me to have a certain amount of control over the glitches produced on the desktop background. This play resulted in semi abstract  and repeated facial features.  In the rupturing of the well-light touched up modelling photo, the images draw attention to the highly constructed digital underpinnings of screen photographs. It considers my personal representation on social media and witnesses it’s deconstruction. These images are not interested in perfection, but faults and failures. The breakdown of  a sign into  fractured and confused signifiers.

(Perhaps I am just a short lived fault in the system.)

(( tragic))

Also. check out this amazing piece Pulsar Wg’lett (Ѳѳѳ) made out of my content:

Visit his tumblr here:

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