Call for Artists – CAMERA/WHORE (July 2012)

Camera/whore is looking for artists to participate in the 2nd biannual one night exhibition (July 2012), by submitting concepts for interactive spaces that record the audience (photobooths).

Camera/whore focuses on creating an open space for new media art happenings involving interactive installations. Inspired by the rise in personal and professional photography and digital recording on and offline, Camera/whore exists on a border line. As a  documentation service/space, an open form/forum activated by the participates, the boundaries blur between the artist/audience, voyeur/exhibitionist, spectator/spectacle, and consumer/consumed.

With this in mind, we are looking for artists, working in new media, photography, video, installation and net-art, that repurpose the idea of the photobooth and create new interactions between audience and media. All content produced at the exhibition will be premiered on Social Media platforms.

We welcome artists to submit original and creative concepts for interactive spaces using any electronic devices that can digitally record the audience. Artists are welcome to submit multiple concepts for consideration. Please fill out the Submission Form by June 15, 2012.

Only artists of selected projects will be contacted to arrange installation as part of Camera/whore (July 2012). Selected artists will receive an artist fee and be contacted June 16th.

Info line: 604 649 7716.

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